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Aircraft Management



The convenience and comfort of aircraft ownership can quickly be overshadowed by dealing with the minutiae.

The convenience and comfort of aircraft ownership can quickly be overshadowed by dealing with the minutiae.

New World Aviation cares for your aircraft as though it were our own. We operate with your best interests in mind with a management plan tailored specifically to your wants and needs, and can oversee all aspects of your aircraft operations from administrative to maintenance to financial.

Our owner is also a client, so we are our own best customer. Clients are never just a number at New World Aviation—you’re part of our family. That means full access to the decision makers, a deep respect for your time and a world of difference when it comes to air travel how you like it: An elite experience for exacting clients.

Your Turnkey Flight Department

No two management engagements are alike—each elite partnership is uniquely crafted to meet your precise requirements. You determine the amount of involvement we have in the daily management of your aircraft, and we deliver a seamless process to suit your needs.

  • Impeccable safety standards
  • More than 85,000 square feet of hangar and office space
  • Direct access to our executive-management team
  • Robust infrastructure support available 24/7
  • Value economics with volume purchasing power
  • Total financial transparency
  • Exceptional training for flight and maintenance crews
  • Human resources administration for flight and maintenance crews
  • FAA Part 145 Certified Repair Station so your aircraft retains more of it’s value
  • Full-service maintenance/inspection services including liaising with the FAA
  • Customer Loyalty Appreciation Program
Cost Controls

Ground time doesn’t have to be a loss. Whether you’re a hands-on or hands-off owner, we deliver a blended value-driven process with three goals in mind:

  1. Reducing operating costs
  2. Improving operating effectiveness
  3. Providing revenue generating opportunities

Financial transparency is a guiding principle so our clients fully understand precisely where our profit centers are, with all other expenses charged at cost. And, our strategic location allows us to pass along significant savings to clients on everything from fuel and insurance to crew training and hangar leases.

How Can We Help You?

Sky-high safety standards, value-driven, concierge comfort. See how our team can exceed your charter, maintenance and management expectations today.

Aircraft Maintenance

We are a FAA Part 145 Certified Repair Station with the ability to meticulously service a comprehensive list of aircraft.

Aircraft Management

Expert aircraft care. Customized agreements. All designed exclusively for you.

Jet Charter

The goal is to make luxury air travel comfortable and care-free. For every client and every flight.

Aircraft Acquisitions

‘One Stop Shopping’ and a team of industry experts. Experience a World of Difference through every step of the process of making your dream a reality.


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